Talking Metroid Prime

Nintendo adds friends’ chat ability to DS online gaming service

Talking Metroid Prime
| Metroid Prime: Hunters

It’s already one of the most anticipated DS games to date, but now you’ll have another reason to cheer when Metroid Prime Hunters is released on the 5th of May. It will be the first game to enable you to chat to other players on your DS using its in-built microphone.

The system will work via Nintendo’s Wi-Fi Connection service, which lets you play games against other players in Europe and the rest of the world. In keeping with Nintendo’s online safety policy, you’ll only be able to chat to people on your friends list. And you won’t be able to holler during games either, but you will be able to chat before games - maybe to set up the game options - and then tell everyone why you’re the best (or not) afterwards.