New screens of Metroid Prime

The long wait will be over soon as Metroid Prime Hunters gears up for online war

New screens of <i>Metroid Prime</i>
| Metroid Prime: Hunters

Despite a version of Metroid Prime Hunters coming bundled with every DS sold in the form of the demo Metroid Prime Hunters First Hunt, there’s been very little news about when the full game will be released.

Finally, though, Nintendo has drawn a (wobbly) line in the sand and confirmed that the game will be released sometime during the next couple of months. It’s hardly the world’s most definite announcement, but at least it’s not too far away now,and to show how much it cares, Nintendo’s also released some new screenshots.

Originally expected to be released in October 2005, the delay is thought to involve polishing the game’s control method, as getting the first person perspective to work using a touchscreen has proved harder than expected. Another addition will be the ability to play various game modes such as deathmatch, king of the kill and capture the flag via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, which enables people from around the world to play together via the internet.