Classic shooter Metal Slug 3 blasts onto iOS

Shoot or die shooting

Classic shooter Metal Slug 3 blasts onto iOS
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One of the classic arcade games on the Neo Geo console, Metal Slug 3 has appeared out of nowhere on the App Store, priced at £4.99 / $6.99.

In Metal Slug 3, you run from left to right in a richly animated 2D world, blasting copious amounts of comedy goons, rescuing bearded survivors, and engaging in some seriously tough boss fights against a series of surreal enemies.

It's one of the best examples of a '90s side-scrolling shooter [technically MS3 is from 2000 - Pedantic Ed], with a traditionally fierce difficulty level that was hard enough to play on a joystick / joypad. This new version features virtual buttons - I fear for you.

Not sluggish

Still, Metal Slug 3 for iOS does come with a Mission Mode in which you can train yourself up for that one credit attempt (good luck with that), plus support for Bluetooth co-op multiplayer and Game Center.

You can grab Metal Slug 3 as a Universal app right now for £4.99 / $6.99 by hitting the button below.