Kojima tweaking Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker control system

What was that noise? No, it's not tapping on a wall - it's feedback

Kojima tweaking Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker control system

Players can sometimes feel like their observations aren't listened to and, rarer still, acted upon.

But in these days of demos and immediate (and very public) feedback, the trend appears to be shifting. Kojima Productions, the developer behind the PSP's Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, has done just that by starting to refine the game's controls based on feedback from industry, players, and internet forums, reports Kotaku.

Following the release of a Peace Walker demo, the developer has said it wants to listen to criticism to ensure its latest title is as good as it can be, and it's making changes at a "quick pace". There's talk of a third control system to nestle in alongside the two current types (Shooting and Action).

Kojima Productions hasn't yet decided whether or not this new control type will be possible to implement but, regardless, it's testament of real effort being put into the team's latest portable stealth offering and it only cements the fact MGS: Peace Walker is unlikely to ever languish in the shadows of retail.

Having played the demo, our first impressions were that the existing controls seemed rather good, if a little cumbersome until memorised. But overall, the whole demo was rather impressive and incited more excitement than we've felt for a PSP title in a while.

Only time will tell just how good the final product will be, of course. But we certainly can't complain when developers roll up their sleeves in an attempt to deliver exactly what, those that care, want.