Merge Kuya Island, a new building simulation based on merging structures together, releases later this month

Merge Kuya Island, a new building simulation based on merging structures together, releases later this month

Legendary mobile game publisher and developer NetMarble has announced its next endeavour; a casual merge and build title called Merge Kuya Island. In this one, you’ll be creating and growing entire islands by gathering resources and building and then merging them all together to develop and make new creations.

First off, let’s talk about that namesake. Obviously, the merge part of the name relates to the gameplay, but what about that Kuya bit? Well, despite it being a rather unknown and new portion of NetMarble’s massive portfolio, they have a YouTube channel by the name of Kuya Animation that features a variety of cute little creatures who go on wacky adventures and Merge Kuya Island takes its art style and characters from that series.

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As for the actual gameplay, Merge Kuya Island will see players assisting the adorable island spirit Kua to help transform polluted lands into majestic islands through easy to understand and not too challenging mechanics. These mechanics specifically are essentially just gathering up a wide variety of resources and matching them together in a small minigame to get full versions of them that will be then used to develop different parts of the island, such as the foliage or the beaches or even new structures. You'll then go even further and combine the items and places you've built together to make better versions of them as well.

This is one that might be quite a good choice for the kids, with its themes of respecting the Earth and also the cutesy, somewhat Pixar-esque character designs. Wielding a powerful message and having a cast that is all made up of eco-friendly items like vegetables, fruit, or rice balls, it’s easy to see what Merge Kuya Island is attempting to get players to think about; respecting the nature all around them.

If a nice, relaxing, and cute little building simulator is up your alley, or perhaps if the kids need a new distraction, Merge Kuya Island will be released on June 15th. Currently, it is available for pre-order on the App Store and Google Playalike.

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