Mega Man ZX Advent gets UK release date

Capcom finally gets round to meching a Euro release happen

Mega Man ZX Advent gets UK release date
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European Mega Man fans - of which there must be a few (although most reside in Japan) - will be pleased to hear they don't have much longer to wait to get their hands on Mega Man ZX Advent, the second Mega Man game to hit DS.

Publisher Capcom has announced the game will be released in Europe on February 29th - a good seven months after its Japanese debut, but we should be used to such delays by now. The first Mega Man DS game, Mega Man ZX, took almost a year to reach us.

Despite the Mega Man series generally being viewed outside Japan as being a bit yawn-inducing - it may be his 20th anniversary but it's hard to differentiate between the vast number of titles he's spawned - Mega Man ZX was actually an enjoyabe game and we hope for more of the same this time round.

Advent offers similar 2D action as before, with two playable characters you can switch between at any point and emulation powers that let you morph into defeated bosses. Check out all of its promised mega moves yourself at the end of February.

Kath Brice
Kath Brice
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