Brand new Mega Man ZX Advent DS trailer

Nimble footed boss action from the upcoming 2D action game

Brand new Mega Man ZX Advent DS trailer
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| Mega Man ZX Advent

It's not long now until the release of Mega Man ZX Advent in the UK. And possibly to celebrate this (though we suspect it's more to do with the fact it forms part of its marketing drive, today Capcom released a new gameplay video showing what looks like one of the title's numerous boss fights.

We first reported on the game when it was announced back in April. We reviewed its DS predecessor, Mega Man ZX, back in July and actually quite enjoyed it. Mega Man might be old enough, in game years, to apply for a bus pass (2007 is the series' 20th anniversary) but clearly it still has some spring in its metallic joints.

As proven by this new trailer, which shows someone playing and who's so good they've clearly have no girlfriend. The sequence looks like one of the game's eight boss fights, all which can be tackled in multiple ways to unlock different items. Check it out:

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Both of the game's lead protagonists – Grey and Ashe, whom you can switch between whenever you like – have the power of the 'Biometal model A' suit. This has its own attack abilities and also a special 'Megamerge' ability that emulates a boss's powers and attacks once it's been defeated. These are then used to find hidden routes, rare items and, of course, makes it easier to take down later, tougher bosses. As well as transforming into a range of forms, the game enables co-operative or head-to-head play (if you each have a cart), and offers five mini-games via gameshare. Capcom even says there is a bonus unlockable mode starring class Mega Man. One for the series' long standing fans, then. Mega Man ZX Advent is already out in Japan but the current release date for the UK is November 13th. We'll have a review for you around then.

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