Marvel Snap introduces an assortment of new cards and a new currency to spend in its latest update

Marvel Snap introduces an assortment of new cards and a new currency to spend in its latest update
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The extremely popular and recently released card-based battler Marvel Snap has announced its latest update. This new patch brings with it a new shop that will adjust the higher level rewards and allow you to be more particular with what cards you receive post level 500, alongside some new cards to play with and some smaller balance adjustments too.

This is a hefty one, so let’s start slower with the highlight of the patch. There’s a brand new system that involves a new currency you have a chance to receive from Collector’s Caches, which are the post level 500 rewards that used to hand out some very RNG-based rewards, some of which were not very worthwhile.

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To adjust this, Marvel Snap has introduced a new currency that can drop from these caches. This currency, Tokens as they are called, will be usable within the new Token Shop. In this shop, there will be a rotating collection of cards that can be purchased, making it a bit easier to get a hold of certain cards you need to collect your deck. There’s still some RNG involved, but this acts as somewhat of a pity system for those of us hunting down certain cards.

This update also adds in Series 4 and Series 5 cards, both of which are incredibly rare but powerful to match. Some of the cards featured in this series are the likes of the legendary Thanos and Galactus, who are both super strong but quite difficult to get your hands on. These new cards have a chance of showing up in that Token Shop too, though they’ll be quite expensive.

Also featured in the update trailer above is a sneak peek at the season due out after the current Warriors of Wakanda event, this one titled The Power Cosmic. If you’d like to get ahead of the curve and start building your deck before a ton of new content drops, you can download Marvel Snap for free at either of the links below!

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