Marvel Snap celebrates one year in with an abundance of free handouts

Marvel Snap celebrates one year in with an abundance of free handouts
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The massively successful PvP collectable card game Marvel Snap is set to soon begin celebrating its one-year anniversary since launch! This anniversary of course brings in a ton of new stuff and free handouts galore, giving all of its loyal players old and new the chance to snag a few limited-time rewards, most of which will come free of charge too!

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Marvel Snap has remained a chart-topper since it launched last year, partially due to it being associated with the current biggest property in the entire world, but also just due to it being a pretty darn good card game overall. It’s contended and debatably won over its competition like Hearthstone or Legends of Runeterra, and has maintained a steady stream of updates since that launch date too.

And now there’s even more stuff to chew on with this upcoming anniversary update! This patch includes the addition of a new vote for fan-made variants, namely some for the Ghost Rider card, the Shang Chi card, and the Human Torch card, all of which are cosmetic upgrades to said cards that you can cast your vote for inclusion. From there, the winning card will then be given out to players for free at the end of this event.

Alongside these variants, there’s a ton of free handouts being given between October 18th and the 23rd of October. From day one onwards you will receive a new title, 65 random booster packs, 500 credits, 3 Gold Conquest Tickets, 300 Gold, and the previously mentioned community-voted variant card, all for free!

On top of all that, there will also be integration for the Twitch Drops system found on the streaming service of the same name. If you watch a streamer play Marvel Snap during these days with your account linked, you’ll be eligible to receive a Variant Avatar, 155 Shocker Boosters and 500 Credits, and the Shocker Variant Card.

Finally, there will also be a new $4.99 bundle available for purchase during this event. This bundle comes with a new Deadpool card variant as well as 1000 Gold, 155 Deadpool Boosters, and a new avatar too!

Phew! Needless to say, lots of stuff is up for grabs here. Get it yourself when the anniversary event begins by downloading Marvel Snap for free at either of the links below!

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