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Out at midnight: March of Empires

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Out at midnight: March of Empires
| March of Empires

March of Empires is a strategy game in which you choose an empire between the Highland Kings, Northern Czars, or Desert Sultans then build up a fortress and army to defend and battle against other empires.

If you've played Clash of Clans you'll know what to expect here. You'll construct buildings to both improve your base and defend against attacks and send out your own forces against enemy player's bases.

One aspect that seems to break away from the norm is the ability to invade another's territory to increase your influence there and claim it as your own.

The more land you own, the more special bonuses you unlock but also the greater amount of land you'll have to defend.

You can also build interesting buildings like a regional structure, which benefits your allies somehow, as well as Trade Centres, Temples, and Stockpiles.

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Tactics will prove stronger than numbers as well, apparently, so it could be that you can topple bigger armies if you have a sharper mind.

But numbers will likely be the surest route to success and you can form alliances with fellow players to try and ensure that your land doesn't get invaded.

Finally, seasons play a part of the gameplay but we're not exactly sure how. Perhaps it's more difficult to fight in winter.

March of Empires is out in the App Store this evening and you can get a free welcome pack if you download it right away.

This offer runs out on the 14th, so be quick!

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Chris James
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