Madden NFL 10 sacking iPhone 'in time for opening day'

You'll be calling audibles by September 10

Madden NFL 10 sacking iPhone 'in time for opening day'

EA Mobile has confirmed that Madden NFL 10 will arrive on the App Store before the 2009 season officially kicks off on Thursday, September 10.

"Madden NFL 10 is coming in time for opening day on the App Store," assures a representative of EA Mobile.

When the football sim finally hits iPhone, it'll come with newly signed Viking quarterback Brett Favre and controversial Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. Don't let retirement or prison keep you out of the game, guys.

First screenshots of the game are also out, giving us a look at an impressive iPhone iteration of the pigskin series.

Like Gameloft's NFL 2010, EA's game has you controlling your team with an analog stick in the lower-left and contextual keys on the right. More virtual buttons are seen in the Madden NFL 10 screens, though, which hints at a greater range of gameplay options.

No details yet on what modes of play will be offered aside from one-off exhibition matches. A career, franchise, or season mode is expected, however multiplayer is the big unknown.

Gameloft is promising a multiplayer update - both network and Bluetooth - for NFL 2010 within the next month or so, but if Madden NFL 10 comes out swinging with multiplayer features it could be a decisive purchase.

Madden NFL 10 will release for iPhone and iPod Touch the week of September 10.