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Base-building strategy game Mad Rocket: Fog of War blasts off on mobile

Clash of Clans rival fogs up on the app stores

Base-building strategy game Mad Rocket: Fog of War blasts off on mobile

Between Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and Forge of Empires, mobile gamers have plenty of places to turn for their base-building strategy fix, but the genre’s newcomer Mad Rocket: Fog of War promises to add something new to the ever-popular category.

The game, which has been doing the rounds in soft launch for a while, has just gone live on mobile devices worldwide and there’s plenty for build-em-up fans to sink their teeth into.

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Published by Four Thirty Three, Mad Rocket, at its core, is about two things: building and destruction, but it’s the titular Fog of War that really sets it apart. Players will find themselves invading bases totally shrouded by fog while building up their own strongholds.

Infiltrating enemy fortresses is no easy feat when visibility is compromised, but you’ll have battle units on your side that can withstand air strikes and demolish buildings, and players will unlock rare, powerful weapons of ultimate destruction as they progress.

Mad Rocket: Fog of War isn’t just about blowing things up. The base-building elements are also fleshed-out and players have the chance to add a personal touch to their strongholds.

The game has received positive feedback from players during soft launch, but developer Ratatat Studios hasn’t rested on its laurels. The studio has been balancing and optimising Mad Rocket since then and will continue to make improvements, and the firm hopes the community will play an active role in its future development.

Mad Rocket: Fog of War is available to download from Google Play and the App Store. For more information, check out its Facebook, Twitter and official forums.