One of the world's most popular games coming to PSP

No, it's not football. Or Monopoly…

One of the world's most popular games coming to PSP
| Luxor

Got a PSP? Then you're about to enter casual game heaven because specialist publisher, MumboJumbo, has announced it plans to bring two of its most popular titles to Sony's handheld.

And with over 40 million PC downloads since its appearance in 2005 – and gameplay possibly already familiar to many mobile owners – 'popular' certainly isn't an inappropriate word to describe addictive action puzzler LUXOR.

No details of the planned PSP version, subtitled Wrath of Set, have been revealed, other than the confirmation that the core easy to pick up, hard to master elements of the original game have been retained.

It's a similar story with Platypus, which rather than being a roleplaying game focused on saving these odd-looking Australian mammals from extinction, is in fact a side-scrolling shooter featuring hand-moulded 3D clay graphics and, we're assured, "pulse-pounding action gameplay".

Both LUXOR: Wrath of Set and Platypus are expected on PSP mid-November.

Joao Diniz Sanches
Joao Diniz Sanches
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