Dance label Defected signs up for Lumines Mobile

Dancey puzzler due out in May

Dance label Defected signs up for Lumines Mobile

We were incredibly excited when, back in November, we learned that Connect2Media was bringing Lumines back to mobile. This splendid fusion of block puzzler and rhythm action, originally released on PSP in 2005, has been awaiting a decent phone-based release ever since.

We were told previously that C2M was “working with major dance music labels to provide content for the games,” and now we know who that dance label will be – Defected.

If you’re not particularly into the club scene, you might not realise quite how impressive such a deal is. Let’s allow Defected itself to fill you in:

“If you’ve ever been to a club, bar or house party where the DJ was playing House music, the likelihood is that at least one of the records you heard was signed to Defected.”

Coo. Oh, wait, there’s more:

“Every year, more than half a million people attend Defected In the House events around the globe. Operating in more than 40 countries, Defected are the most internationally recognisable dance brand in the world with a reputation built on the love of music.”

The exciting news is that not only will Defected be bringing its hugely polished array of House music to Lumines Mobile (a blessing for anyone who’s heard the ear-grating efforts of most mobile games), it will also be supplying its own distinctive visuals.

We don’t have any screenshots for you just yet (though we’re promised them soon), but our friends at Connect2Media inform us that “the art will very much reflect the ‘LED’ style stuff going on with the enclosed compilation cover (pictured)”.

Lumines Mobile is set for release in May.