App Army Assemble: Lost Words: Beyond the Page - "Is it possible to put down this narrative-driven platformer?"

We ask the App Army

App Army Assemble: Lost Words: Beyond the Page - "Is it possible to put down this narrative-driven platformer?"

Lost Words: Beyond the Page is an emotional narrative-driven platformer with a story penned by Rhianna Pratchett, who has previously written Heavenly Sword, Mirror's Edge and Tomb Raider 2013. That's quite the resumé! But is her latest story as moving as it promises to be? We handed the game over to our App Army to find out.

Here's what they said:

Swapnil Jadhav

Creative and a very nice way of storytelling. Very beautiful graphics, music and narration. The game will be more enjoyable on an iPad or tablet, though.

Jojó Reis

These are those charming games where you have to solve puzzles, but in this one it is a little different, here you use text, and with these texts, you can solve some puzzles within the game. In the beginning, you are presented with how to use the texts to be able to proceed, at the beginning the game video is very simple, and then you enter a beautiful and charming 3D world, in it you have to make some decisions and use some words to pass some challenges, the game works super well and is charming. The negative point is that it has no translation into Portuguese, which can drive away players who do not understand another language. I loved the game and it's very well done.

Jason Rosner

Lost Words: Beyond the Page is a narrative platformer that focuses on the power of words, and just how much the way you use them can impact the world around you. Lost Words sets up one of the best uses of storytelling I’ve come across on the App Store. You start within the pages of your journal, which also acts as a brief tutorial, getting you ready for your adventure into this new world. Gameplay consists of light puzzles solved by using specific words you gather along the way.

The beautiful watercolour graphics and animations make a real splash as the scenes come alive. Along with a charming score and fantastic voiceovers, it all creates that magical Disney-like feel. Lost Words is a really emotional, wonderful, powerful tale of love and loss. It’s not often a game that is so moving that you just can’t put it down. Like a great book, this story will stay with you for a long time to come.

Robert Maines

Lost Words: Beyond the Page is a charming platform game. The narrator Izzy tells the story via the pages of a book that is explored by a sprite-like figure that moves around the page. The story within the story Is of a young woman coming of age to be a new Guardian of the fireflies. These sections look like a more conventional platform game.

The graphics and sound are really good, the story and the story within is compelling and I really enjoyed playing this game. The only mild criticism is the controls feel woolly at times and lack the preciseness you need in a good platform game.

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Oksana Ryan

This is a super game using words to progress along a platform-style story. Manipulating your surroundings and keywords allows you to move forward while telling the narrator’s tale. The narration, controls, beautiful graphics and well-chosen music (which for once I found good enough to leave on) all give a unique experience. Although the content is probably designed with the younger player in mind, it is still an enjoyable enough game for adults and I’d definitely recommend it.

Sangeet Shukla

Lost Words: Beyond the Page, a multi-platform game, is now available on mobile devices. The best aspect is the narrative approach, in which each journal page advances the plot by combining puzzle and platformer elements. The plot, which contrasts our protagonist Izzy's imagination and reality, is another compelling element. Estoria is a stunning place. The game's voiceover, music, and sound effects all blend well together.
However, there are a few issues with the game. The character movement, look, and style could be improved. Additionally, there is no opacity option for the controls, which makes them permanently invisible and difficult to use at times.

Mark Abukoff

This is really a gorgeous low-key platformer/word game that is light on the challenge honestly and heavy on the art and storytelling. Controls are simple and worked well. The voice acting is charming and the music is nice. The only thing I’d add is some ability to go back to try to catch things I missed. Other than that this is a pleasant and artistic standout that is good for kids and adults. Happily recommend.

Chad Jones

Lost Words Beyond the Page is a gorgeous platformer mixed with a word game. The graphics, music, voice narration, and controls are superb. This game is innovative and the story deals with loss from the perspective of a young girl (who narrates the whole story). As I was playing I didn't want to stop it was a totally immersive experience. I recommend this game to anyone (great for all ages).

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