Coda Games adds a PS Vita port stretch goal to the Liege KickStarter campaign

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Coda Games adds a PS Vita port stretch goal to the Liege KickStarter campaign
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If your idea of a perfect strategy RPG is a blend of Game of Thrones, Final Fantasy VII, and chess, then you've probably had your eye on Coda Games's Liege ever since its Kickstarter campaign went live.

And if you happen to own one of those Vita thingies, we have some rather good news for you.

In the latest blog update on Liege's Kickstarter page, Coda Games has confirmed that Sony has given the studio the seal of approval to port Liege over to Vita and PS4.

As a result of this approval, Coda Games has tweaked the campaign stretch goals a tad. In order to produce a Vita version of Liege, then, Coda Games will need to raise $52,000 on the popular crowdfunding site.

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There are 12 days left in the Liege Kickstarter campaign. Given the Kickstarter community has donated just over $31k to the project at the time of writing, it's likely to be touch-and-go regarding that magic $52k mark.

The prospect of Liege on a Sony console is definitely something developer John Rhee is excited about, though.

"The games I played on Playstation consoles, including classics like FF Tactics, FFVII, Suikoden, and many more, had a huge influence on the vision for Liege, so the thought of getting onto their platform is pretty unreal."

If you'd like to throw some cash at Liege in order to get it on your shiny Vita, you can check out the Kickstarter campaign here.

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