Crashlands creators unveil their next game, Levelhead

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Crashlands creators unveil their next game, Levelhead
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Butterscotch Shenanigans, creators of the indie hit Crashlands, has officially announced their latest game, Levelhead. The game is essentially a platformer mashed up with a robust level builder, giving you the tools to easily create the game of your dreams, in a similar vein to games like Super Mario Maker.

Levelhead is promising sharp platform with a massive toolbox full of video game delights and wonders. You’ll have push blocks, gems, chains of fire, and pretty much anything else you can think of at your disposal. You’ll be set free on a blank canvas to create any level you want. Build a rogue-like platforming level, or a metroidvania campaign, or a level full of environmental puzzles. The choice is ultimately yours.

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Once you’ve built and perfected a level, you can share it with other players using what Butterscotch Shenanigans calls the LEVELHUB. Inspired by social media platforms, it gives you a space to share your levels, view your statistics, and engage with other players. You can even compete against others for high scores and the best times. Build your reputation as a master platformer or the community’s most clever level builder.

Levelhead is going to be cross-platform, meaning levels you create on your tablet or phone will be playable on PC and vice-versa, allowing you to share your handcrafted levels with a huge audience. The team is hoping to launch the game later this year.