Cheat app for Gold Award-winning word game Letterpress hits the App Store

Plus, Letterpress is declared a 'solved game'

Cheat app for Gold Award-winning word game Letterpress hits the App Store
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A cheat app for new Gold Award-winning word game Letterpress has just landed on Apple's App Store for the iPhone and iPad.

This 69p / 99c application, simply entitled Cheaterpress [download], can analyse a screenshot of your current Letterpress game board and display a list of every possible letter combination.

The list will even give you a point value for each word.

In Cheaterpress's App Store description, its dev warns that this app will only work with Letterpress's default 'Light' theme. You can change your theme through the game's 'More' menu.

Need to cheat?

According to American game designer Raph Koster, by the way, Letterpress is a "solved game".

Basically, Koster believes you can win almost every game by following these four simple rules:

1. Play for territory rather than big words. The former is more important.
2. Expand outward from a single point.
3. Ensure that you take vowels and extenders as soon as you possibly can.
4. Take out the last remaining grey tiles whenever you're winning.

You may not even need the abovementioned cheat app, then.

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