LEGO World Soccer finds space on mobile

We'll try to be constructive

LEGO World Soccer finds space on mobile

With excitement building for the 2006 World Cup and England's chances of winning stronger than ever – no, hang about, that's not right.

Let's try again…

With the timing of England's former manager Sven Goran Eriksson in deciding to give 17-year old Theo Walcott his big (and ultimately unconsummated) break in England's doomed World Cup campaign in Germany back in June, Hands-On Mobile has turned up in shorts and studs after everyone else has gone home.

Still, football – sorry, soccer – isn't just about the World Cup. It's also about little toy figures famous for not going anywhere because they're stuck by their feet to knobbly green LEGO brick lawn, but who nevertheless are the stars of this upcoming mobile footie game.

Alright, it's fair to say your average football fan isn't the target audience for LEGO World Soccer. This is a game that sees pirates taking to the football pitch and firing cannonballs at the opposition, for instance – something Alex Ferguson has doubtless considered, but found barred by the FIFA rules.

The Pirates are just one of five unique teams in LEGO World Soccer, and each team also boasts its own uniquely themed pitches and a range of power-ups and gameplay modes. Others include the Spacemen, who can float above defenders due to lowered gravity, the Arctic Adventurers, who can hurl snowballs, and the magnet-packing Construction Workers.

Presumably the missing fifth team is the plastic toy England 2006 squad, who can miss any number of penalties and collect red cards like others collect stamps. (Enough! – Ed).

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