Legend of the Skyfish 2: Tips to help with the art of the Red Hook

Legend of the Skyfish 2: Tips to help with the art of the Red Hook

Don't leave them off the Hook.

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Legend of the Skyfish 2 is a very colorful, hack, and slash entry in the adventure game genre. The follow-up to the award-winning game of the same name, this version is nothing short of action-packed. With beautifully drawn locations, satisfying combat, and an interesting story there is much fun to be had. 

You play as Little Red Hook, one of the last of your tribe which helped defended the city from evil creatures. You a couple of other groups blended a hand in this defensive task. But, the numbers faded, and with you being one of the last of the Red Hooks, you'll need to leave the comforts of your forest with your master to complete different quests. 

It sounds like good fun. But alas, the fun does come with its share of challenges. Learning the basics is always helpful, especially for a decent sized adventure game like Skyfish. Here are a few things to take note of on your epic journey in this game from publisher Crescent Moon Games

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Find those checkpoints

The game has numerous checkpoints throughout and can easily be spotted. However, it seems like it could take a short while before finding another one. So try to stay alive as best you can, and I know that can be easier said than done when you only have five hit points early on. 

But, if you fall, then you have to start back at the last checkpoint, just like with many other games you've played. If you find one that's nearest to the area where you died, then awesome, you won't need to go as far. However, if for some reason you can't find one that is closer, then you'll need to make a longer trek. 

Thankfully, checkpoints aren't very hard to find. Just be thorough in your exploration and you should see a little monument or shrine of some sort that lights up in blue. You another one? Great, now you don't need to worry about dragging through areas you were already at. 

Roll enough during combat

If you've ever played a game like Dark Souls, then you know how awesome rolling is. You can do it Legend of Skyfish 2 also and can be key to success in battle. Killing enemies is actually pretty easy, but sometimes they will gang up on you.

So it's always wise to dodge if you're overwhelmed. Just make sure you time your rolls right because you can still get whacked if you don't. And remember that you have only a certain amount of hit points to work with early on so dodge well. 

Blend this with some good attacking and you'll take down these foes in no time. If you wish, feel free to go in and unleash flurries of attacks. Just make sure you have enough health to work with. 

Be wary of traps

You will get notified of a trap when starting out, but sometimes it's easy to forget they're there. It's too easy to clumsily fall into one. Of course, when hit, you'll lose a heart. So definitely make sure to pay attention to your surroundings. 

It can especially be tricky at times because enemies may be attacking you while traps are nearby. So you might run into one by accident and we certainly don't want that. So have your wits about you while you're on your quests. 

As we talked about earlier, you don't want to get too far and get killed by a trap before reaching a nearby checkpoint. It's simply all about awareness. Once you get used to it, you should be able to spot some traps pretty easily. 

Upgrade your equipment

Tired of using that old basic sword? Well, you can upgrade this in the game, and make yourself more powerful. There's a quest you'll need to complete early on to get your first big upgrade. Once you get that, you'll receive a nice sword that will do more than kill enemies. 

You can use it to carve through thick plants like bamboo trees. By doing so, it can lead you to new paths and discoveries. So definitely be sure to go for those upgrades when you have the opportunity. Do that, and you'll uncover more of the world of Legend of the Skyfish 2.  




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