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Legend of Keepers, the acclaimed dungeon management game, is out now on Android and iOS

Legend of Keepers, the acclaimed dungeon management game, is out now on Android and iOS

A couple of months ago, Goblinz Studio announced a mobile port of their critically acclaimed roguelite RPG, Legend of Keepers. After a successful launch on PC and Nintendo Switch, the dungeon management game which reverses stereotypical roles is now finally available on Android and iOS.

In Legend of Keepers, players will take on the role of the villains, as they try to climb the corporate ladder by making the heroes’ live as torturous as possible. We all know how terrifying raiding dungeons can be and this game allows players to be on the other side for once.

The game begins by choosing one of three dungeon masters, each with their unique abilities and recruits that come with them. The goal after that is pretty simple, come up with ways to make your enemies (the good guys) succumb in style thanks to the gorgeous animations. The launch trailer embedded below gives a good look at what to expect.

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Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Players may be running a dungeon, but keeping track of all resources and ensuring employee satisfaction is no cakewalk. Resources like morale, gold, blood, and tears must be efficiently managed while pleasing the workers. The slightest problem and they’ll end up going on a strike. Budgeting, hiring mobs, and placing traps are the key steps in creating an impenetrable stronghold.

Ready to give the good guys a hard time? Download Legend of Keepers now by clicking on your preferred link below. It is a premium title which costs $6.99, but the devs are currently running a special 30% discount offer, allowing everyone to purchase the game for just $4.99 instead. Find out more information from the official website.

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