Augmented reality hero shooter Leap Trigger opens Kickstarter campaign

Augmented reality hero shooter Leap Trigger opens Kickstarter campaign
| Leap Trigger

Graffity has opened its Kickstarter campaign to acquire development funding for its augmented reality hero shooter Leap Trigger, with plans to release the game for iOS and Android sometime next year if it gets successfully funded.

It’s an augmented reality shooter where you play as a champion accompanying other soldiers into battle, some of whom are mystical dragons while others play artificial drones. Using the power of AR, you avoid enemy projectiles and utilise your character’s skills from useful positions. Leap Trigger aims to blend PvP with pet monsters all while turning your home into a battlefield. Here’s a trailer to demonstrate a bit about how it plays.

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The other soldiers aren’t just for show, they will also be useful in combat as they deploy their many skills and efficiencies on the battlefield. They each have different abilities which make them useful as support units, fulfilling one of three different roles: Striker, Defender, and Jammer. Leap Trigger uses a card system where you can choose which of your teammates slot into the right role depending on their strengths and weaknesses, as well as your opponent’s playstyle.

Leap Trigger’s Kickstarter campaign began earlier today, and has already amassed £2,673 of its £5,359 goal, so it’s safe to say it looks like the project will hit its target in no time at all. Some of the stretch goals for the game include new champions and new teammates.

You can keep an eye on the game’s development on its Kickstarter campaign page right here. Leap Trigger will be heading to the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android sometime next year, and it will be a free to play title with in-app purchases.

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