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Nitrome's Leap Day is out now

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Nitrome's Leap Day is out now
| Leap Day

Nitrome have made some excellent mobile games over the years but Leap Day may be their most ambitious yet.

On the surface, this free download on iOS and Android is a simplistic platformer where your little guy has to reach checkpoints, collect fruit, avoids spikes and traps, and jump on enemy heads.

It sounds familiar, except that the level you play only lasts for a single day.

That's right, the in-game content is constantly changing, meaning you have 365 levels to play every year, and 366 every leap year. Hooray!

Everything from the location, to the traps and monsters. And if you manage to complete the level you'll earn a gold stamp on your calender.

The drive to create daily content for the game is incredibly impressive and assures a continual stream of support for Leap Day unlike any other Nitrome game before it.

We've been previewing the game over the last few weeks and can confirm the level variety is genuinely impressive.

The aim is always the same - climb as high as you can, scoring as many points as you can - but the game never failed to present a challenge.

Go try it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

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