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Solve puzzles in the mysterious world of Krystopia, new from Antler Interactive

Low-poly head-scratchers await

Solve puzzles in the mysterious world of Krystopia, new from Antler Interactive

When it comes to puzzle games, you’re spoilt for choice on mobile – but few entries in the genre are as pleasing on the eye as Krystopia. This is the handiwork of Swedish developer Antler Interactive (known for the critically acclaimed VR puzzle mystery adventure game, SVRVIVE: The Deus Helix) and offers fans of 3D escape-the-room games plenty to sink their puzzle-solving teeth into.

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Krystopia’s preamble introduces us to Nova Dune, an intrepid space explorer on a quest to understand a mysterious distress signal. She arrives on an alien planet amidst desert dunes, where the only sign of life is a large gateway. Behind the gate lies room after room, each locked by elaborate interactive mechanisms. Nova must delve deeper into this catacomb to discover the truth behind the civilisation that once dwelt here.

Your job is to decipher the visual clues and tinker with the mechanisms to gain Nova entry into the next room. The first couple of puzzles are straight-forward enough, and mainly serve to introduce you to the mechanics of the game. As Krystopia progresses, though, puzzles become more complex and you’ll have to put more mental effort into solving them. The trickier the puzzle, the more rewarding it is seeing that doorway pop open.

It’s a lovely game to look at, with colourful, low-poly graphics and smooth animations. So even when you’re screw-faced over a tough puzzle, you can still enjoy looking around the map for your next clue. There are collectibles dotted about each room that give little hints to the history of this place, adding to the sense of exploration.

Help Nova uncover the secrets of this lost civilisation; you can download Krystopia on Android or iOS now.