Knock-Knock will have you checking for monsters this Halloween

Coming to Nintendo Switch later this month

Knock-Knock will have you checking for monsters this Halloween

Everyone has something they're afraid of. Whether it's deep water, the dark, monsters under the bed, spiders, killer clowns -you get the gist. Knock Knock plays on a few primal fears, and it's headed to the Switch on October 31st.

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Knock Knock is a simple game of avoiding monsters and surviving until the sun comes up. Playing as a Lodger, you need to walk throughout the house after nightfall, avoiding whatever creepy beings are in there with you.

Since the Lodger has awful insomnia, however, you're never quite sure whether the monsters he sees are real or just in his head. Best not to take the risk to find out, though. If you see a monster, you'd better hide so you can live another day.

One sure-fire way to protect yourself is by fixing lightbulbs. Monsters hate the light, but they also know how to break the bulbs and when to catch you on your way across the house. After surviving all of this, you might just find out what's tormenting the Lodger and how to help him regain his sanity.

If you're looking for something spooky to dig into this Halloween for a reasonable price, you might want to think about picking this up.

Emily Sowden
Emily Sowden
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