Battle players from around the globe in massively multiplayer strategy game King’s Empire [sponsored]

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Battle players from around the globe in massively multiplayer strategy game King’s Empire [sponsored]
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Your kingdom was a glorious place to live until a century ago when the land that you now call home was ruthlessly and mercilessly ravaged and left in ruins by foreign invaders.

Since that dreaded day, the men, women, and children spread across your realm have prayed for a hero to stand up, take action, and restore their land to its former prosperous glory.

You are that hero.

Your mission is a simple one: collect resources and rebuild your cities while recruiting soldiers and forging a thunderous army that can - if need be - wipe enemies and their coveted settlements off the map.

You'll also have to research new technologies and regularly upgrade your establishments and equipment along the route to success.

King's Empire is a free-to-play massively multiplayer strategy game. For those of you who don't know what that means, you can either cooperate or compete directly with hundreds and thousand of other real-world players from around the globe.

There are even prizes to be won in special daily and weekly events if you can dominate those who stand against you.

We recently discussed King's Empire in greater detail with the game's developer and publisher Tap4Fun. Here's what was said.

Pocket Gamer: Which games (if any) served as inspiration for King's Empire during development?

Tap4Fun: The main inspiration for King's Empire was the American TV series Game of Thrones, which is itself an adaption of George R. R. Martin's incredibly popular series of 'A Song of Ice and Fire' novels.

What do you think sets King's Empire apart from some of the other strategy titles that are available on the App Store?

We've spent a whole year designing and updating King's Empire with new graphics in order to give our players the most enjoyable game experience possible. In fact, we'd say that the quality of the artwork is among the best out there for strategy war games.

Furthermore, we created a new form of gameplay called Land Conquest, which allows players to expand their territory by conquering others in battle and winning honour.

Do you plan to extend the life of King's Empire with updates? If so, what content do you have planned?

Of course. We plan to improve the game's graphics even further and we have always been working on creating interesting new content for players.

We plan to build connections between the game's different servers, for example, so that players from different countries can duke it out with each other.

We've also developed a translation system to support in-game communications with a language barrier.

In our next expansion, which we're calling Rise of Dragon, we will also add more treasure hunt maps to keep players engaged.

Do you plan to release King's Empire on any other mobile or handheld platforms in the future?

Yes, Amazon and Windows Phone. We are working on developing the Amazon version and the Windows Phone version is on our list.

King's Empire is available to download for free with in-app purchases. Why did you choose this payment model, and did you consider any other models during development?

We didn't consider other methods. We will continue to offer King's Empire as a free download because we want everyone from around the world to have good access to the game.

There are two versions of King's Empire available to download from the App Store. What are the main differences between King's Empire and King's Empire (Deluxe)?

Players who download King's Empire (Deluxe) receive an extra VIP in-app gift, which is filled with valuable surprises, including resource-replenishing items, exclusive Nobility items, and Warehouse-expanding items.

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