Watch out - a new Kingdom Rush title is on its way

But there's plenty left to ponder

Watch out - a new Kingdom Rush title is on its way
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For fans of the Kingdom Rush series, hold on to your pants because it looks like there's a new title on the horizon.

The Kingdom Rush titles are a series of popular tower defence which offer up fast-paced fighting in teeny, flash-like situations. Mixing strategy with a massive variety of enemies, heroes (and abilities), and accompanying story, it's no wonder Kingdom Rush has been so popular for so long.

Moving back to the pressing news: in a rather limited tweet and blog post, Ironhide Game Studio teased an initial image with little more than 'It's the coolest and biggest you have seen so far'. Needless to say our curiosity is itching.

Their blog post ends with, 'One thing is for sure, the bad guys shall have their revenge.'

What do you guys think the upcoming title will be about? Let us know in the comments below.

Emily Sowden
Emily Sowden
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