King of Crabs cheats and tips - Unlocking new crabs and fast

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King of Crabs cheats and tips - Unlocking new crabs and fast

One crusty crustacean isn't enough

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So you've jumped into King of Crabs, and you're jealous of the beasty brawlers you're seeing on the battlefield? Yeah, we've all been there.

If you've been emasculated by the sheer girth of other crabs online then this is the guide for you. We're gonna upgrade you from that common brown crab into a rare crustacean king.

If you want to become the King of Crabs, just read through this guide to get the best crabs possible. And we all want the best crabs possible from life, don't we?

Don't worry, we won't go too hard with the crab puns, we don't want you to scuttle away.

Why use other crabs?

King of Crabs

You start off with a basic brown crab, which is great and everything, but it won't look too good in the battlefield, nor will it give you any kind of edge when it comes to claw to claw combat.

There are a variety of other crabs that you can use, and they each have their own individual set of stats which set them apart on the battlefield.

For example, the bulkier crabs you might find have lower health, or move slowly. Being a powerhouse doesn't always come easily, after all.

But of course, you want to look cool too, right? Only noobs use the default brown crab. You're not a noob, are you?

All jokes aside, using specific crabs can also help towards achieving certain goals. Check your quests on the main menu screen, here you'll see certain quests can only be completed with a certain crab type.

Unless you're going to fashion crabs, this should dictate the crab you enter battle with. Extra rewards will always help speed up that progression grind.

Having said that, progression isn't all that matters. Make sure to try new crabs out at least once, just to get a feel for how they differ from one another.

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Ranking up

As you play each game against the enemy crabs, you'll gain points which will all lead towards you ranking up.

As you progress to each rank you'll earn new rewards, and eventually, you'll be earning brand new crabs.

The new crab rewards don't come around often, but if you persevere in matches you'll eventually earn more than enough to rank up.

On the grind

Ultimately, the fastest way to get new crabs is to play the game. Is this a disappointing tip?

You'll earn points to not only rank up and get new crabs, but improve the crabs you're already using. These stat increases can greatly turn the tide of future battles.

If you haven't been doing well, don't give up yet, just earn even more stat boosts and then jump back into the fight.

King of Crabs

Crab grab

Stock up on pearls and coins and you'll be able to participate in the crab grab, a prize draw for new crabs and items.

It costs 500 coins for a crab grab, or up to 50 pearls. Pearls are the premium currency here too, so they are rare and shouldn't be taken lightly.

You can earn five pearls by watching an ad in the store though, so maybe save up with those.

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