Langdell gets Killer Edge Racing removed from App Store

Apple requests developer removes game from UK and US

Langdell gets Killer Edge Racing removed from App Store

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the edge of the App Store waters, Tim Langdell has taken a bite out of another iPhone game. Killer Edge Racing found itself on Langdell's radar recently, who allegedly made a move to copyright the game's name for himself once it appeared on the App Store.

The former member of the IGDA board and most unpopular man in the games industry has been besieged recently by a rebellion of disgruntled, genuine game developers led by EA in an effort to have his tenuous copyrights on the name EDGE crushed once and for all.

Unfortunately, since receiving his last letter regarding Killer Edge Racing, Apple has requested that developer PuzzleKings removes the game from the US and UK App Stores (though it remains on sale in other regions).

Presumably, this has been complied with under legal advice, as PuzzleKings's Nalin Sharma is already working with Sheridans Solicitors - a firm already familiar with Langdell's tactics after it supported Mobigame in an effort to get the award-winning Edge back on the App Store.

It's a shame to see Apple shrink so quickly in the shadow of legal threats, especially given Sheridans's and Sharma's excellent points regarding the dubiousness of Langdell's practice.

Sharma tells us that a game name can only be changed via a resubmission to the App Store, and in the meantime Killer Edge Racing has been taken down.

We'd love to see the game return to the App Store under its original banner rather than a Langdell-approved title (maybe he should get a rubber stamp made?), though obviously we don't have to pay the legal fees - and, in the end, the most important thing is getting the game restored.

Register your support - for either party - below, and we'll keep you informed of any progress.