Zen Studios: KickBeat will go multiformat if successful on Vita

Treble and bass

Zen Studios: KickBeat will go multiformat if successful on Vita
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Zen Studios has told Pocket Gamer that its upcoming PS Vita rhythm-action game KickBeat may well be heading to other formats in the future - as long as it does well on its launch platform.

The title is currently planned as a Vita exclusive, and combines fast-paced rhythm-action with fighting mechanics. It also lets you create new levels from your own music.

That last-mentioned feature of the game is something that the team is very proud of. In fact, the guys at Zen Studios spent over a year of development time refining the accuracy and mechanics to ensure it works well in the final version.

Zen Studios told us that it believed Vita owners will store their music on their device. If not, you can always play along to the 18-song soundtrack, which, according to Zen, is specifically designed to "make you want to punch things".

In a good way, that is.

Will Wilson
Will Wilson
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