Jurassic World Alive cheats and tips - Everything you need to get started

Jurassic GO

Jurassic World Alive cheats and tips - Everything you need to get started

If you feel the need to get some exercise and go for a walk, but you've played way too much Pokémon GO, what are you going to do? You're gonna go catch some dinosaurs, that's what.

Here in Jurassic World Alive it's basically, well, yeah it's basically Pokémon GO, but with dinosaurs. I guess that's all there is to say. The battle system is better, though?

I know you, you're like me, and you can't resist seeing what a dino themed version of the biggest AR game ever would be like. That's why I've put together some fresh Jurassic World Alive tips, just for you, to help you get started. Aren't I the best?

Jurassic World Alive

Go for a walk

Like any good Pokémon GO-alike, in Jurassic World Alive, you'll be walking about - in real life - in order to navigate on the game. Shocking, right? We're truly in the future.

On your map screen you should be able to see supply drop boxes, dinosaurs, as well as the map of your general location, of course.

You'll need to get fairly close to supply drops to use them, but you can get to dinosaurs and grab them from quite the distance.


When going after supply drops, you can generally expect more darts for your drones, cash, and if you're lucky, dino DNA.

Darts are, as mentioned, essentially for grabbing DNA samples, which you can later turn in to full on dinosaurs. I guess they're a bit like this game's Pokéballs.

When going for a walk, trying to go through as many supply points as possible will definitely help your progress out long term.

Jurassic World Alive

Shooting dinos with drones

In a more action packed method of catching creatures, here you'll be using an overhead drone to steal DNA from these digital dinos.

Most common dinos will require 50 DNA to craft, and with perfectly aimed shots from your drone, you can get 12 DNA per dart.

The first shot the dino will sit still for, but for every shot after that, you want to aim slightly ahead of your target to compensate for movement.

Stocking up on DNA

As mentioned, you'll need all of that dino DNA in order to actually get a team of ancient beasts in your party, but if you get extra DNA it can be used to evolve and strengthen your creatures.

Not to mention, many dinosaurs are a bit rarer, indicated by a glowing blue circle on the map, and they often require a minimum of 100 DNA to create, meaning you'll definitely need to encounter the beast more than once.

Jurassic World Alive Incubators

Incubators here are a bit like timed unlockable chests in many other mobile games, you can set them up to unlock in the Arena menu, or get a free one daily from the shop area.

Incubators, like supply drops, will be giving you cash, darts and DNA, all of which is important to your progress through the game, of course.

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