Jurassic World Alive cheats and tips - Essential tips for the strongest dinos in Arena mode

Allosaurus, I choose you!

Jurassic World Alive cheats and tips - Essential tips for the strongest dinos in Arena mode

Once you collect four dinosaurs, you'll be set for Jurassic World Alive's Arena and battle mode, where you'll be facing off against big angry non-feathered dinosaurs and the world at large.

You'll be going against other real players from around the world as you strategise and fight dinosaurs to the death. Which, now that I think about, makes the whole enterprise really unethical.

But ethics be damned, if you want the best, strongest and most powerful dinosaurs to do battle for you, take a look at these essential tips below.

Jurassic World Alive

Big boys, big HP

This goes without saying really, but if your dino has big health bar, he's going to live longer. Well, he's likely to, anyway.

It doesn't necessarily indicate how hard he'll hit, and heck, certain attacks will chew through that health regardless, but big boys shouldn't be underestimated.

Of the two moves at your disposal, the left one will be available every turn, but the right move will often come with a cooldown. Hold them to check the moves descriptions and effects.

Armoured up

Armour definitely helps dinos live longer, but as soon as they come up against armor piercing techniques everything tends to fall apart pretty quickly.

Those lads with the big health bars will likely have a decent amount of armour too, so just be aware of enemies that have armour piercing techniques.

Your enemy will only have four dinos, and if you know the ones with armor piercing moves are down, that's the time to bring the big lads back out.

Jurassic World Alive

You're trapped in here with me

Many dinosaurs have a move which will prevent your opponent from switching between their dinosaurs - very helpful, especially if you have a speed advantage.

Speed advantages are indicated by small yellow icons with arrows when switching dinos or near the portraits at the top. If you have a speed advantage, and the enemy can't switch, you're likely to do a decent amount of damage.

That doesn't mean you can get cocky though. Be aware of the average damage output of the enemy dinos, and switch if you think one more hit could take you out. Better safe than sorry.

Necessary retreat

Sometimes you can be overwhelmed by your enemies. Certain moves will destroy armor, add damage over time effects, or slow you down, and all of these are disadvantageous.

If you're tanking damage then you can make it through, but if you see death on the horizon, it's best to switch out to an alternative dino to make sure you don't take too much damage.

Remember that when you switch, like in Pokémon, you're giving your opponent a free hit against your dino, so don't send out one with barely any health.

Jurassic World Alive

Evolution of the species

Outside of battle you don't have to settle for your base dinos. No, you can make them stronger yet, with even more DNA from their kin.

Heading back out for a walk will allow you to get even more DNA from dinosaurs, and if you get extra DNA for a dino you already own, you can funnel it into evolution, giving your dinosaurs more HP and allowing them to do more damage.

It's a nice mechanic that encourages you to hunt down similar dinosaurs, even when you can only have one of each.

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