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Finish the fight against the dastardly Krittz as Underground Part 2 launches in Junkworld

Finish the fight against the dastardly Krittz as Underground Part 2 launches in Junkworld

After a long and arduous slog with The Order, it seemed that the Scavengers had finally brought peace to the Wastelands of Junkworld, for at least five minutes. Now the battle rages against a new threat, and you will need a few extra tricks up your sleeves to see this through to the end.

The story so far

Back in December, Underground Part 1 launched and introduced players to the Krittz, a race of mutant rat folks that live in an ancient city under The Order’s base, presumably with their turtle pupils. These vermin were determined to invade the surface, and it was down to the Scavengers to beat them back, with help from new hero Ratchet, the rat renegade.

The dastardly Titanycht is still poised to cause chaos in the Wasteland, and you don’t want to leave a job half done, so it is time to march into Underground Part 2.

Players will face six new enemy types across nine stages and six missions, culminating in an apocalyptic showdown against the Big T themselves, in a classic rumble in the sewer jungle. To take on these towering challenges, you will need new friends, so let's meet them.

Meet the new team

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Leading the charge is new Hero Vernon, a pest control expert come Ghostbuster. He can overload his gigantic cannon to instantly vanquish low HP foes in a small area, making him either a shrewd genius or a technological klutz, and create a sticky area on the ground to slow attackers. Perfect to set up a tower ambush, or to buy time to unleash his automatic turret that rains hell on the helpless critters.

If you need support, the Toxic Scoundrel tactic card has you covered. This technically gifted critter will bombard an area with neurotoxin which will decrease enemy defences. After dropping his ordnance, the scoundrel will also perform a brilliantly named Hatality, chucking his sharpened hat at an enemy and immediately dispatching them.

These two additions are brilliant, but it is the new tower that is this update's shining gem. The Raff Rats is a giant tower of speakers manned by stylish metalhead rats who use the power of rock and roll in spectacular fashion. Nearby enemies will run in terror of the off-key singing, but by using the Subliminal Solo, you can also lure foes to battle for you. On every front; naming, design, and function, the Raff Rats are phenomenal.

Getting something for nothing

Taking on this new threat will be a challenge, so along with these new friends, you can make use of the new daily rewards update. Simply visit the Wasteland every day, and you can claim some powerful items to help turn the tides of battle. These can be anything from XP boosts, extra HP, reduced respawn times for heroes and tactics, or a huge number of other benefits, simply for showing up.

To witness the conclusion of this titanic clash, you will need to whip out your Apple device and subscribe to Apple Arcade. With your subscription, you can get your hands on Junkworld, and hundreds of other exciting games, including other iconic Ironhide adventures like Kingdom Rush Frontiers, Kingdom Rush Vengeance, Iron Marines and Legends of Kingdom Rush.