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Junkworld offers a wide variety of original tower cards you can strategise with in the upcoming tower defence game

Junkworld offers a wide variety of original tower cards you can strategise with in the upcoming tower defence game

Ironhide Game Studio is hyping up the release of Junkworld, letting players get a taste of what's to come once its brand-new post-apocalyptic tower defence game is launched on September 22nd.

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Get ready to flex your strategic muscles with the game's multiple and varied Tower Card combinations, and each one's tactical advantage on the battlefield.

In Junkworld, you'll need to strategise the right tower management and get creative with your card combos to win. And here's the best part: you have the freedom to place your towers wherever you please!

Take note of the terrain when selecting your Tower Cards - each one will have unique properties that may or may not work to your advantage.

There are 16 unique, wacky looking tower cards. They can be categorised in 4 different card types, based on their strategic value and upgradable skills.

Defender tower cards can slow down your foes during their attack. The Waste Disposer, for instance, can unleash toxic waste across a certain area to damage any enemies coming your way.

On the flip side, Striker tower cards can deal huge damage fast to clear the battlefield of any unsuspecting foes. Particularly, the Machine Gunner can make powerful blasts rain down on your enemies, boosting his fire rate and damage. He’s as tough as he looks!

If you value dealing damage across a safe distance over facing your foes head-on, seize the long-range firepower of the different Artillery towers. For instance, the Blastin’ Bullriders can fire projectiles that deal damage on top of slowing down enemies within their target mark. As rodeo entertainers with advanced mechanical bulls, they look hella cool doing it too!

Finally, the Support towers offer buffs and debuffs like the Wifi Babies do - these towers’ wailing can overload your foes’ minds and stun them, all while damaging foes with their Psi beam (as babies normally do).

If you're keen on learning more about Junkworld, its post-apocalyptic universe and get to know the crazy-looking towers you’ll get to command ahead of its imminent launch, you can head on over to the official website to discover more info on the game.

Junkworld will be available on Apple Arcade across iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV from 22nd September.