Give thanks for the free Junk Jack X Thanksgiving update

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Give thanks for the free Junk Jack X Thanksgiving update
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Thanksgiving's just a few hours away, which means those in the US of A will soon spend hours at a relative's house watching distant relations fight over the last piece of pie.

Sounds like a great time to sneak some gaming in, doesn't it?

If you think like we do, then we've got some good new for you - the Silver Award-winning Junk Jack X just released its 2.0.5 Thanksgiving update which includes everything from cornucopias to new turkey mobs.

Light and dark meat

While the last major Junk Jack X update took on the issue of griefing, the Thanksgiving update is full of new features and bug fixes aimed at making the game all the more enjoyable.

On the 'new' side are four new IAPs, a new category of throwable items - toys - which includes everything from paper airplanes to beachballs, 15 new craftable paints to spruce up your furniture, and 100 new achievements for you to lust after.

There's also a new optional difficulty mode - Hardcore! - which introduces the grim specter of permadeath to the game.

Apparently, some people find this 'fun'.

The enhancements/fixes section of the update adds a host of features like adjustments to the zombie ghost health bar, a revamped physics engine, and a modification to the tap-to-attack algorithm that now allows you to attack all mobs near the tap instead of just one.

If you're interested in checking out all the update notes, head on over to the App Store - otherwise, make with the updating already.

Matthew Diener
Matthew Diener
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