Massive Junk Jack X update tweaks everything from droprates to hoes

Griefing addressed as well

Massive Junk Jack X update tweaks everything from droprates to hoes
| Junk Jack X

The Pocket Gamer Silver Award-winner Junk Jack X received a massive update on Friday.

How massive, you might ask? How does 48 line items of updates sound to you? Massive? We thought so.

The mighty 2.0.1 update contains a slew of miscellaneous bug fixes (e.g. 'fixed a bug that prevented client players from using hoe correctly'), and system tweaks like a new 'low graphics setting' for less powerful iOS devices.

But hidden in the update are a few seemingly innocuous line items that aim to address the one of the biggest problems in online games: griefing.

Don't fear the griefer

Touch Arcade's Jared Nelson noted that the 2.0.1 update is almost custom-tailored to address the griefing issues that have plagued Junk Jack X since its launch.

Previously, predatory players could set traps for visiting players that would kill them moments after they spawned in the griefer's world. Once dead, they'd drop everything in their inventory for the eager griefer to collect.

Update 2.0.1 addresses this problem in a couple of ways. The first is with the implementation of a 60 second cooldown that prevents you from dropping your inventory when you enter a world (single or multiplayer).

Further, there's a new option in Misc that disables dropping items upon death when you're playing as client in online automatch games.

The update is free and live in the App Store now, so if you'd like to protect yourself from griefing - or avail yourself of the bug fix that lets you use a hoe correctly - make sure you download update 2.0.1 today.

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