Jet Set Radio coming to Vita, iOS, and Android by end of November

Skating in under the wire

Jet Set Radio coming to Vita, iOS, and Android by end of November

There's no need to buy that Dreamcast off of ebay just yet - Jet Set Radio HD will make its way to the PlayStation Vita, the App Store, and Google Play by the end of the month.

Announced back in May, the PS Vita version was originally scheduled for release on October 16th. iOS and Android versions were announced over the summer, but they were never given a release date.

Sadly, all three versions failed to materialize in October and fans of the classic rollerblading game became understandably nervous.

Thankfully those nerves can now rest easy: Sega Europe confirmed that Jet Set Radio will come to the PS Vita on November 20 while the iOS and Android versions will arrive on November 29.

Skate or die?

With that press release in hand, it still might be a bit premature to take a calming breath just yet.

The official product page for Jet Set Radio lists the Android version of the game as "Out Now" with the PS Vita version displaying a release date of "Winter, 2012". Interestingly, the iOS version is not mentioned at all on the Sega product page.

Originally released for the Dreamcast in 2000, Jet Set Radio puts players in control of a rollerblading member of the GG gang who is out to wrest control of Tokyo-to from rival gangs and, naturally, the police.

Matthew Diener
Matthew Diener
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