Jenga officially coming to iPhone this holiday

NaturalMotion Games translating popular block game

Jenga officially coming to iPhone this holiday
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NaturalMotion Games, the company behind hit arcade sports game Backbreaker, is putting the finishing touches on an official version of Jenga for iPhone.

The iconic tower of blocks will appear in full high-definition on Apple devices, taking advantage of Game Center for leaderboards and achievements.

Precises controls are promised - a must for a game as sensitive as this. Gently tapping a block pushes it from the tower, at which point you're able to drag it fully out and place it on top to score.

All fall down

Hot seat multiplayer, called Pass'n'Play in the game, will be offered for up to four players. There's also an Arcade mode that has you matching coloured blocks and moving quickly for extra points.

Jenga will be available for iPhone and iPod touch before the end of the year; pricing has yet to be announced.
Tracy Erickson
Tracy Erickson
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