DS gets buggy with noir, six-legged shooter, Insecticide

Ex-LucasArts crew builds on adventure heritage

DS gets buggy with noir, six-legged shooter, Insecticide
| Insecticide

A game with a generic name from a start-up group of developers you've never heard of is hardly the sort of thing to keep excitement levels high on a Bank Holiday weekend.

Good thing then that the team from Crackpot Entertainment, who are behind the newly announced third-person shooter/noir detective title Insecticide, have some prior form. They've worked on such highly regarded story-based adventure games as Day of the Tentacle, Sam & Max Hit The Road, Grim Fandango, and Curse of Monkey Island.

Still, the layering of a shooter-style of game and a 3D environment with a classic, slow-moving gumshoe action-adventure is nothing if not ambitious, especially on the DS.

As for the game setting and characters, they're also original, with bug detectives Chrys Liszt and Roachy Caruthers – they're the Insecticide squad – investigating a murder at the Nectarola soft drink company.

Their insect abilities and bug-based weapons will be all you have to rely on as you try to unravel the twisting story. Although if you get really stuck, you'll be able to call up assistance using the multiplayer co-operative mode.

Insecticide is currently scheduled for a winter release.