Epic Unreal Engine 3 iPhone battler Infinity Blade goes half price


Epic Unreal Engine 3 iPhone battler Infinity Blade goes half price
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Epic Games’s vice president Mark Rein once declared, via the medium of Twitter, that the company will add value, not drop the price on its iPhone game Infinity Blade.

Guess that promise has a statute of limitations, as the company just slashed the price of its fantasy sword battler in half. Three months after release, the game now costs a pocket money £1.79 / $2.99 / €2.39.

The game sees you battling massive monsters and sneaky assassins in a series of Demon Souls meets Punch-Out!! bouts. It’s about quick reflexes and smart moves instead of wild screen-slashing as you dodge, block, and parry incoming strikes.

The jaw-droppingly gorgeous adventure has a rather unique RPG system. You’ll battle your way to the God King, inevitably die at his blade, and then come back as the previous hero’s offspring hoping to avenge his father's demise. You carry on through the generations until your bloodline finally gets its grizzly vengeance.

At GDC, developer Chair Entertainment’s Donald Mustard said “we're working on something ... cool," when quizzed about upcoming Blade content.

"We have an update coming very, very soon,” he said, “and it will add a ton of new content to the game and expand on some of the themes and story that you've already started to see.”

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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