It's almost official: Infinity Blade III is in development

If you keep hacking and slashing, something's bound to leak

It's almost official: Infinity Blade III is in development
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Proving that revenge is a dish best served as part of a three-course meal, we now know that Infinity Blade III is in development.

Confirmation appeared over the weekend that Chair is indeed developing the third entry in its extravagant hack and slash series. According to the LinkedIn profile of one Chair staffer, "Infinity Blade 3 for the iPhone" is being worked on as we speak.

And if you don't know what LinkedIn is, it's like Facebook, but for professional networking rather than sharing pictures of cats with your cousin's second-best primary school friend.

Anyway, Infinity Blade III! It's coming! But we don't know anything beyond that.

Coming back for more

Just last month we reported on the cancellation of Infinity Blade Dungeons, a Diablo-like dungeon crawler spin-off from the lucrative franchise. One good thing to come out of this sorry news was confirmation that another Infinity Blade game was in the works.

Now we seem to have established, in a round-about way, that this game will be Infinity Blade III.

The question now is, how will Infinity Blade III be structured? Will it remain a premium iOS game with a one-off initial purchase and optional IAP supplements, or will it jump into the freemium pool with both armoured feet?

Since the launch of Infinity Blade II (pictured) in 2011, Chinese internet company Tencent has bought a significant stake in Chair's parent company, Epic Games. Tencent is known for pushing virtual goods and freemium models in a number of online games.

We'll let you know as soon as we hear more Infinity Blade III news.

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