It's official: Infinity Blade Dungeons is never going to see the light of day

But more Infinity Blade games are to come

It's official: Infinity Blade Dungeons is never going to see the light of day

Infinity Blade Dungeons is dead.

Properly dead. Not shelved. Not passing its genetic make-up and equipment down to the next generation in order that it might be avenged. Just plain old dead.

The news has been coming for a while now. In February this year we heard that Epic had shut down Impossible Games, the studio that had been working on the game, just six months after its inception.

At that point we were told that the game was "on hold" until such a time that Epic decided what to do with it. And then everything went quiet.

Well, we can now confirm that what Epic has decided to do with Infinity Blade Dungeons is walk it round the back of the shed and put it down for good.

In the most recent Epic Games podcast, Donald Mustard, the co-founder and creative director of Chair, who developed the first two Infinity Blade games, confirmed the end we've all been hoping wouldn't come.

"When the studio that was working on [Dungeons] was closed, the game was cancelled. That's really all I can say,"

Mustard did confirm that other games set in the Infinity Blade universe are on the way, as well as books, and possibly "other products". Shampoo maybe? Biscuits?

But Infinity Blade Dungeons - which was set to be a Diablo-like action RPG spin-off - is officially no more, and we're left to wonder what could have been.

Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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