Platinum Games shows off Infinite Space gameplay video

All the beauty of space, minus the pointy ears

Platinum Games shows off Infinite Space gameplay video
| Infinite Space

Way back in May of last year we first reported on Platinum's Infinite Space, something best described as a space-RPG.

Naturally, we were excited. Could it be the modern day Elite, a pocket Eve Online of sorts, or at least a damn good RPG outing on DS from the publishers of the console game Bayonetta?

Looking at the latest video, it sure looks very promising. Your ship can be customised from over 150 design models, and over 150 crew members can be chosen from to man your mighty creation, so there's plenty to be immersed in.

And if the Famitsu review of the Japanese version and sales are anything to go by, we're in for a real treat.

Famitsu gave Infinite Space a Gold Award, and one reviewer said, "from the ship customization that reflects the player's tastes down to the tiniest detail to the battle difficulty (you are killed instantly if you let your guard down) to the vast and complex SF story; every aspect of this game is deeper than I imagined."

Infinite Space is set to drop out of warp for the US sometime in March, and Spring time for European folks.

"Captain to the bridge."

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