Infinite Lagrange's latest update introduces the Data Rescue Agreement and galaxies abandoned because of the Stellar Storm

Infinite Lagrange's latest update introduces the Data Rescue Agreement and galaxies abandoned because of the Stellar Storm

NetEase has just released a major content update for its sci-fi space sim Infinite Lagrange. It is set to introduce brand new features and will allow players to sign the Data Rescue Agreement, discover a new galaxy, and locate important assets.

Data Rescue Agreement

During the Second Candidate Planet transformation experiments, certain galaxies were abandoned due to a stellar storm. These galaxies are flooding with experimental data which must be uncovered. For this, the consortium set up the Data Rescue Agreement.

All this experimental data is present in the abandoned experimental centres of the galaxies. Signing the agreement will require explorers to send temporary fleets to these buildings from where they must extract this data. It must be then brought back to Stargate or alliance occupied cities for preservation. Once all the experimental data is collected and analysed, it will be transported to Stargate and players will receive a final star rating. If alliances face a change in city ownership, then all data will be lost.

Stellar Storm

The Space Warping Vibration has left some stars in an active state causing spontaneous variations in their radiation frequencies. Due to these sporadic outbursts of particle flows, galaxies are at risk because the radiation area could almost cover an entire galaxy. The particle flows are unforgiving and will destroy all frigates and destroyers in its path, taking along buildings in the jet zones too. The planets create a shielding effect and players will have to use them as shelter during an outbreak period.

Exploration of Ruins

The storms have left many pockets of the galaxy uninhabited. Players can find useful resources in these ruins after defeating the people that guard them. Until now, the Warping Reverberation phenomenon has focussed only on the major Galactic Factions. However, further research and development into it will cause it to change the landscape of the entire Lagrange Network. New galaxies brimming with data and precious materials are waiting to be explored and it looks like this is just the beginning.

Begin extracting valuable data from abandoned galaxies by downloading Infinite Lagrange for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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