Infinite Lagrange's new Dawn Celebration event with the Lagrange of Diversity theme is now live

Infinite Lagrange's new Dawn Celebration event with the Lagrange of Diversity theme is now live

Infinite Lagrange, the popular mobile space sim is hosting a new event to celebrate the signing of the Dawn Accord, a document laid down by the Terran Sphere to commemorate the efforts and contributions that all explorers have put in for the Lagrange Network. As a result, the massive Dawn Celebration is being held, which will invite leaders from a plethora of galactic factions to the City of Antontas. The festival will be held every year with a new theme, with Lagrange of Diversity being the first.

A lot of things are going to happen during the Dawn Celebration event on Infinite Lagrange. A Star Forum will be held in the Tower of Stars which brings delegations from various factions like Antonios, Hayreddin Clan, Earth – Proxima Centauri, Thunderbolt Group, and NOMA Shipping. They will all take part in fruitful discussions and showcase their own technological developments.

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Trades and exhibitions will be held all over Antontas by all these factions. Each will receive their own gallery that will display their specialities. The Hayreddin Clan, pioneers in aviation will put up their latest aircraft – the Pulsar Fighter that can be purchased.

The Proxima Centauri Gallery will feature the Splendour in Ocean Premium Livery and Tower of Stars Dynamic Emblem, the Thunderbolt Group will show off their Ship Modification Factory, while NOMA has their own big announcement they’re trying to keep under the wraps.

Everyone participating in the whole event stands to receive a Plasma Cannon UAV that is capable of releasing a plasma colour screen and projectiles at specific locations to celebrate the fest. Antonios is also opening its history museum for the first time to the general public. It contains records of millennia and players will be able to explore it all, diving deep into the rich history of Antonios’ development.

Celebrate this massive moment by downloading Infinite Lagrange now for free.

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