Infinite Lagrange's Beacon Festival that celebrates the Milky Way is live now

Infinite Lagrange's Beacon Festival that celebrates the Milky Way is live now

NetEase’s popular space sim Infinite Lagrange ended 2021 with the Twin Festival which celebrated mankind’s achievement of exploring Proxima for the first time. Now, another commemoration called the Beacon Festival has gone live in Infinite Lagrange. This also celebrates achievements of the past while also looking towards creating a brighter future.

The Beacon Festival is a two-week long event that will see players participate in a number of customs and festivals. All the invitees will witness the stars of the vast Milky Way and also partake in new exploration activities to uncover more knowledge about the vast galaxy.

The event begins with players going to the observation site, where they will write their wishes on UAVs and fly their own beacons. Everyone can also give a like to the wishes of others and earn points that can be exchanged for Proxima Coins or liveries.

The flagship ceremony of the Beacon Festival is the Light From Other Side event. It is the most classical and long-standing ritual of the entire festival. The goal is to light up all possible beacons. In doing so, players are ready to receive blessings in the form of letters from other galaxies. Over two weeks, one beacon can be lit daily for multiple rewards and good wishes.

Explorers can take part in the Between the Stars event as well, where they must avoid obstacles while flying a drone. The aim is to fly as high as possible without crashing or getting too close to repair stations. Players have three chances to finish the challenge and they will be rewarded on basis of their total mileage.

Lastly, explorers can engage in trading during the Beacon Festival Trade Fair where they can exchange Proxima Coins for ship and aircraft tech packs. The purchase can only be made once. Celebrate the past and create a better future in the Beacon Festival by downloading Infinite Lagrange for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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