Indus Battle Royale will also launch on iOS, pre-registration open now

The hotly-anticipated battle royale shooter is set to release soon

Indus Battle Royale will also launch on iOS, pre-registration open now
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  • Indus battle royale is now set to launch on iOS
  • Pre-registrations are now open
  • The Indian-made game is intended to open the door for the country's massive mobile-focused audience

Indian-made battle royale Indus has announced that the game will now be launched not just on Android, but also on the iOS App Store, with pre-registration now open.

Indus has been a very long time in the works, but a steady series of closed beta tests and a growing roster of new features have kept fans tantalised as the game nears a promised release. Features like the Grudge System and the integration of non-battle royale deathmatches and other modes mean Indus seems set to be pretty beefy at launch.

The move to bring the game to iOS indicates that development would be progressing quite steadily, and also opens up a whole new segment of the audience. India has one of the largest gaming, and mobile gaming, audiences in the world, and Indus is set to tap into that with a game made by and for that specific audience.

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As we've mentioned before, Indus has been a long time in the works. But thankfully it seems as if 2024 is gearing up to be the final step towards launch for the game. The decision to move it to iOS also means that the game will be able to capture a far wider audience than just being on Android. While Android dominates the market, iOS is still widely available, and it shows possible ambitions for an even more widespread release in future.

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