Imangi Word Squares coming to iPhone

Ancient word game adapted to the touchscreen wonder

Imangi Word Squares coming to iPhone

Imangi Studios enjoyed considerable success with its Scrabble/Rubik's Cube amalgam, Imangi, and is set to follow it up with a new word puzzle game, Imangi Word Squares.

Currently going through Apple's submissions process, Imangi Word Squares is apparently based on an age old concept, revitalised for the touchscreen generation.

"Imangi Word Squares is a unique take on a popular puzzle that is thousands of years old," Keith Shepherd, CEO of Imangi Studios told us. "I stumbled upon the puzzle concept while developing Imangi. At the time, I was curious to know if it was possible to fill an entire 6x8 Imangi board with valid words. I found out that it was possible if you are given the correct letters, and that it is called a word square."

Similar in concept (well, compatible in concept might be a more appropriate phrase) to Imangi, you begin with a much smaller square and attempt to work you word-building magic until the jumble is entirely rearranged into a completely solved game board.

"This [idea] inspired me to include solvable 'Perfect Imangi' boards for the Daily Challenge in Imangi every once in a while. These turned out to be quite popular and fun, and I decided to turn them into a full game."

On its way to the App Store now, Imangi Word Squares is slated to be a budget title (approximately £0.59), so fans of the original game should be more than suited. Hit 'Track It!' for more news as it lands.