iGotchi virtual pet game nuzzles up to iPhone

Super cute Tamagotchi wannabes

iGotchi virtual pet game nuzzles up to iPhone
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The iPhone App Store isn't just about the established mobile games publishers. It's about dozens of independent developers too, some of whom are just one or two-person teams.

SmackFu Productions is one of the indies that's made it onto the App Store for launch day, with its lovely-looking iGotchi virtual pet game.

The eponymous critters are cute furballs not entirely dissimilar to PopCap's Chuzzles, who you have to provide with food, water and love to keep them chorpy.

This is all handled via the touchscreen, obviously. There's a number of different play activities, lots of colours to choose from, and the sinking feeling that if you forget to check in on the little fella for a few days, you'll never be able to open the app again for fear of what you might find.

Such is the Tamagotchi way. iGotchi costs a cheap-as-chips £1.19, and can be found here on the App Store.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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