Igor the movie spawns Igor the game on DS

Mad scientist mayhem

Igor the movie spawns Igor the game on DS
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If you've always fancied being a mad scientist, limping about a laboratory recklessly pouring one fizzing liquid into another bubbling one only for them to explode and terrify a cage-full of watching two-headed rats (and who hasn't?) then SouthPeak Interactive has the game for you. You even get a hunched back thrown in for good measure.

The publisher has announced Igor, which you might have guessed will be tying in with Igor the animated film due out later this year.

The game will be released on DS (as well as Wii and PC) in September.

In the film, the story follows Igor a hunchbacked lab assistant who's stuck serving a mad scientist while he works at one day becoming a similar notorious nut job as well as winning the Evil Science Fair.

On DS that translates as custom building your own monsters, then using them to take on puzzle challenges and battle against other mad scientists. All these puzzles and fights will be controlled using the stylus.

Developer Legacy hasn't said much more about how it'll play, but it apparently contains a similar mix of the "dark yet playful" aspects seen in the film. And it did reveal it can be enjoyed with friends and family, so that shouts multiplayer to us.

Let's hope Legacy is busy beavering away on a concoction we'll all relish. We'll have more on Igor for you as its release date approaches.

Kath Brice
Kath Brice
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